130 Things To do with Your Cat

130 Things To do with Your Cat

Enjoy being a or ?  I sure do, as a matter of fact it might be one of the greatest thing that could had happen in my life. However sometimes daily life can get repetitive and boring, making things dull and feel like your living in a enslaved world. Thankfully we have our amazing felines to come home to cheer us up and brighten our mood.

Being a doesn’t have to be a chore! Here is a list of 130 things to do with your cat that will help you find the spice in your life you have been missing and all with help of your cat!

  1. Put on a CD of bird songs to keep your cat entertained.
  2. Make some homemade cat .
  3. Take your kitty on an road trip.
  4. Encourage kitty to exercise with interactive toys.
  5. Play Dominoes with your cat
  6. Make a song featuring your cat’s voice.
  7. Take your cat for a walk around the house — carry her food as you go and watch her follow.
  8. Build a homemade cat ramp.
  9. Sign up your cat for therapy training.
  10. Take your cat to work.
  11. Play a piano duet together.
  12. Invite your kitty to sit on the porch with you.
  13. Wrap sisal rope around the legs of an old table for a stylish scratching post.
  14. Make Goodies bags (tuna, chicken, carrots, ect.) for your cat.
  15. Stack several Plastic boxes to make an easy DIY kitty condo.
  16. Include kitty in a family portrait.
  17. Give your cat a cat-sized exercise wheel.
  18. Keep a Cat Diary.
  19. Go on a double date with your cat.
  20. Build a DIY cat tree for your kitty to climb.
  21. Know how to crochet? Make a variety of homemade .
  22. Make some kitty post cards.
  23. Make your kitty some yummy chicken-and-tuna-flavored catsicles.
  24. Throw a birthday party for your cat.
  25. Dress your kitty up in a pet costume for Halloween.
  26. Brush your cat’s fur — especially if she has a long coat.
  27. Include your cat in family time.
  28. Tie a string around your cat’s tail and let him/her chase it.
  29. Finger paint on your cat’s paws, set them down on a canvas, and make some abstract art.
  30. Make a Face Book account for your cat.
  31. Mesmerize kitty with a fish tank.
  32. Organize a Cat Charity Event.
  33. Have a photo shoot with your cat as the star attraction.
  34. Get some Ice cubes and let your cat slide around the floor.
  35. Make a DIY window Perch for your cat.
  36. Hide treats or pieces of kibble around the house for your kitty to forage and find.
  37. Shadow your cat and mirror their actions all day.
  38. Unleash your kitten on a keyboard and see what kinds of crazy typing you get.
  39. Build a remote control mouse for your cat.
  40. Move the mouse around your screen and let your cat try to catch it.
  41. Download a Cat app in your tablet or phone.
  42. Take a break from your busy day and experience the Zen of staring out a window with your cat.
  43. Mount bird feeders outside a window to provide plenty of indoor bird-watching opportunities.
  44. Train kitty to be a good travel companion.
  45. Create a cozy chill window hangout for your cat.
  46. Stuff some old socks with and hide them around the house for kitty to track.
  47. Make DIY Cat Nip stuffed toys.
  48. Mount inexpensive floating shelves to build a cat climbing wall.
  49. Use a human-to-cat translator app to hold a conversation with your cat.
  50. Let kitty play in a box full of packing peanuts.
  51. Make your kitty some Clothes.
  52. Cat make over?
  53. Take a trip somewhere together.
  54. Make your cat YouTube Famous
  55. Spread a blanket in the backyard and soak up some sun.
  56. Take kitty camping. Just don’t forget the leash!
  57. Teach him to give a high-five.
  58. Make Cat inspired Art!
  59. Learn to clicker train your cat and teach kitty some new tricks.
  60. Watch “cat TV” together.
  61. Take your cat to make new friends in the park.
  62. Create fancy cat hats.
  63. Try an oceanic screen saver.
  64. Make fun Collar tags for your kitten.
  65. Push your cat around the house in a laundry basket.
  66. Make an art project with your kitty.
  67. A good, old-fashioned petting session with kitty curled up in your lap.
  68. Take your cat to a koi pond.
  69. Read to your kitty.
  70. Attach a large piece of old carpet to the bottom of a doorway. Kitty will love to stretch out and scratch.
  71. If you have wide windowsills, fill one with pillows for sunbathing.
  72. Create a ball pit for your cat by filling a box with ping pong balls.
  73. Take kitty to visit a nursing home.
  74. Make a trail of cat biscuits and let your cat follow the way.
  75. Teach your cat to play the guitar.
  76. Make some collar bows for your cat.
  77. Build good dental hygiene habits by brushing your kitty’s teeth.
  78. Teach your cat to walk on a leash.
  79. Start a Cat Blog/ website.
  80. Take your cat to the park and explore.
  81. Trim kitty’s claws.
  82. Make a simple puzzle by hiding some treats inside a lidless plastic bottle.
  83. Plant a few pots of wheat grass for kitty to nibble.
  84. Use empty boxes and paper bags to build an indoor cat playground.
  85. Let kitty indulge in some catnip — then sit back and enjoy the show.
  86. Watch some videos for cats on YouTube.
  87. Have multiple cats? Stack doll beds to make feline bunk beds.
  88. Sing to your cat, or serenade him with an instrument. Encourage him to sing along.
  89. Dress kitty up for the Holidays.
  90. Spend some quality time watching Nyan Cat together . . .
  91. Putting your cat in a wig.
  92. Start an Instagram feed for your feline and make him/her a viral star.
  93. Use infused Catnip to create a relax environment for kitty.
  94. Make a costume for your cat.
  95. Make some awesome cat toys from toilet paper rolls.
  96. Drag a piece of string or yarn around the house for your cat to chase.
  97. Blow catnip-flavored bubbles and watch your kitty go wild.
  98. Re purpose an old T-shirt into a cat tent.
  99. Wad up pieces of aluminum foil for an easy toy your cat will love to bat around.
  100. Waggle your fingers over the edge of furniture and see if you pull them away before your cat catches them.
  101. Move your hand under a blanket and watch your cat pounce.
  102. Tie feathers to a string or wand and dangle it for kitty.
  103. Rub a slice of lunch meat on some old socks and hide them around the house for kitty to track.
  104. Make a variety of homemade cat toys.
  105. Play ping pong with kitty in an empty bathtub.
  106. Pick up a variety of wind-up toys for your cat. Wind them all up and let them go.
  107. Try toilet training your cat.
  108. Make a wolf tail for kitty to chase.
  109. Make a no-sew cat bed.
  110. Make a ribbon wand out of washi tape and a dowel rod.
  111. Listen to classical music with your cat.
  112. Take a catnap together and let his purring lull you to sleep.
  113. Go bird-watching together.
  114. Plant a large tray of cat nip and place it in a sunny spot for kitty to lounge in.
  115. Make an under-the-table cat hammock.
  116. Place a cat-sized box on your desk to keep her off your keyboard.
  117. Turn bath time into bonding time.
  118. Teach your cat to shake hands.
  119. Make a sweater with a cat pouch out of old clothes.
  120. Plant an indoor cat garden.
  121. Take your cat shopping for cat goodies.
  122. Make a do-it-yourself (DIY) cat scratch pad out of cardboard boxes and duct tape.
  123. Tease kitty with a laser pointer.
  124. Give kitty some space to contemplate the thought of the thought of the thought of his name.
  125. Tape or glue several empty toilet paper rolls together. Hide treats and toys in them to make a fun cat puzzle.
  126. Take kitty boating.
  127. Move a toy under the door and pull it back when kitty dives for it.
  128. Blow up some balloons and let your cat play with them.
  129. Play hide-and-seek with a blanket.
  130. Play tag and chase each other around the house.

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